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Our Mission

We believe in the natural power of the hemp plant and the mighty potential of CBD for the body.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for nature's intelligence.


We support our environment by using sustainable practices and giving back to the planet through One Tree Planted.



The tremendous spectrum of benefits from the hemp plant motivated the founder, Dr. Maday Labrador, to create Canna Onia. 


After decades of being in the natural health industry, along with her PhD in Holistic Nutrition, Maday acquired an understanding of natural ingredients and the efficacy of supplementation. 


She is a member of the International Society of Cancer Rehabilitation and Institute for Functional Medicine. Also the author of Happy Cells, Healthy You.










She is very passionate about being able to provide the high quality, premium CBD products of Canna Onia.  



Canna Onia is known for quality, transparency and excellent customer service.  Canna Onia is a family-run company. 


Luis Labrador, Maday's husband, is the CEO.  Their oldest son Ethan, is the Business Development Manager.  They love to hear from customers!  


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